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Graphic Designer - Electronic Arts (EA Sports)

November 2020 - May 2021 (6-month contract) During this project, I was tasked with the creation of an internal studio handbook detailing the new structure and future goals for games produced by the EA - Tiburon Studio in Orlando. Most of the work included the selection and creation of visual elements and publication of a PDF booklet that, when complete, would be provided to all EA Tiburon employees.

May 28, 2021

UI Artist - HypGames, Inc. - Orlando, FL

My responsibilities include the design and creation of static and animated concept mocks, as well as final graphic assets for HypGame's mobile golf and upcoming pool games. I am responsible for mocking and creating original screen designs, background photo-imagery, graphic assets and iconography that appear throughout the game.

Feb 18, 2019

Multimedia Specialist II - Katmai Government Services - Orlando, FL

My work at Katmai was predominantly as a UI Designer and 3D Texture Artist, using the Quixel texturing suite in combination with Adobe Photoshop and 3DS Max to create photo-realistic textures for military and civilian ship models, as well as military hardware used on-board ship. As for my user interface work, I was charged with creating concept prototypes for Katmai's course ware UI, VR simulations and demonstration proof of concept for the United States Navy, Sailor 2025.

Nov 29, 2017

UI Artist - HypGames, Inc. - Orlando, FL

My responsibilities included the design and creation of static and animated concept mocks, as well as final graphic assets for HypGame's web and mobile applications. I was responsible of mocking and creating original screen designs, background photo-imagery, graphic assets and iconography that appear throughout the game for mobile and Facebook platforms.

May 16, 2016

UI Artist - FanDuel - Orlando, FL

As a UI Artist for FanDuel, my responsibilities included concept wireframes and mocks for FanDuel's primary website (Fanduel.com), screen designs, background photo-imagery, graphic assets and iconography for NFL Showdown (mobile NFL Football game) and concept imagery for upcoming additions to the FanDuel user experience (player cards, level-up icons and UI screens). In October of 2015, I moved to a new team within FanDuel to work on Alphadraft.com, a newly aquired website for eSports fans that expanded FanDuel's reach into the realm of League of Legends games and the like. During my time at FanDuel I created some very exciting concept mocks for many new features with the intent of making Alphadraft look and feel more like a game in itself as opposed to the common format used in fantasy sports websites.

Jun 12, 2015

Graphic Designer/UI Artist - Electronic Arts (EA Sports) - Orlando, FL

As Graphic Designer for On Demand, I was responsible for creating mocks for the console and online/mobile version of the Madden NFL Franchise. Prior to moving to the Madden team, I worked on numerous concept iterations for a new IP (Intellectual Property) and was the senior artist creating original content for World Series Superstars, a Facebook game designed for fans of Major League Baseball. Working along side 2 fantastic Producers I created mocks and final working designs for all UI components, animated sequences for enhanced gameplay and also in-game advertising for new features, special offers and promotions. As a Graphic Designer for NBA Live, I was responsible for the creation of original UI (User Interface) and marketing art assets for the game. My work included (but was not limited to) the creation of Live Ultimate Team card, pack imagery and UI components, as well as in-game user feedback elements that the player used to track the success of his or her persona during game-play.

Nov 25, 2010

Senior Graphic Designer/Department of Defense Contractor - Unitech (Universal Systems and Technology, Inc.) - Orlando, FL

My first DOD contract was a large series of e-learning modules for the United States Navy. My task was to take a detailed storyboard and adapt it creatively as lesson content using a variety of software tools. Another exciting aspect to my job was UI Design. Two of the Navy Training Modules, Hull Technician and Machinery Repair were assigned to me for the creation of a new and unique UI. In keeping with the environment that the students (Navy Sailors) are familiar with, I designed both of the interface treatments using actual photo-imagery from the Naval Training Station that would be putting the lessons to work. Other tasks included a series of Unitech logo redesign treatments, booth signage at I/ITSEC 2006 & 2007, UI and content for demo discs presented to the United States Air Force and other potential Unitech clients and I was the primary designer for the new unitech1.com. I also did some work as a 3D texture artist on a potential project for the United States Navy.

Mar 01, 2006

Associate Art Director/Senior Designer - Electronic Arts (EA Sports) - Orlando, FL

As part of my creative role, I created original graphic content for components of the online game experience, including UI, iconography, load screens and 3D game trophies that were used in game-play for many EA Sports titles. Additionally, I was tasked with creating a new logo/corporate identity for Tiburon. I illustrated the new logomark and created all subsequent print materials for the studio (business cards, letterhead, etc.). Because of my extensive print background, I was tasked with many other publications for the studio, including the single-page ad that ran in Game Developer Magazine, announcing EA's creation of the SUPERMAN RETURNS game. For the last 4 months I had moved to the prestigious Concept Art group, creating signage for billboards and ads throughout the fictional city of Metropolis and created mocks for the Nintendo DS UI, both for Superman.

Jul 01, 2003

Web Designer - WildCard Systems, Inc. - Orlando, FL

Completed full-cycle web projects for A-list clients such as Visa, Ebay, AAA, Citi Bank and Bank of America, as well as complete website design solutions for numerous Central Florida clients. Managed successful projects from a creative direction and development level, constructed interactive presentations for company/clients using Flash and Dreamweaver, as well as financial and e-commerce website design. Direct experience in user interface design and information architecture. Continual client-facing from beginning of project to launch.

Mar 01, 2000

Manager/Editor/Creative Director - Dynamic Graphics, Inc. - Peoria, IL

In 1993, co-founded a new department/division within Dynamic Graphics, responsible for the creation of a monthly interactive magazine published on CD-ROM. Idea Source, during a five-year timeline, covered all aspects of creative design for print & screen, from prepress issues to 3D modeling, digital video f/x and animation. In 1996, the Studio was expanded to a seven-person team and produced CD-based client projects for a wide range of venues. I served as both Senior Editor of Idea Source and Creative Director for the Studio during this time.

Sep 01, 1993

Product Manager - Dynamic Graphics, Inc. - Peoria, IL

As Assistant Manager of computer graphics, I was responsible for art concept and selection, production and quality assurance and mastering of Designer's Club, Electronic Clipper and Electronic Print Media Service products. I also acted as a representative of company products at MacWorld and Seybold trade show events. Additional responsibilities included the creation of original multimedia trade show presentations and marketing collaterals.

May 31, 1988

The Thin Air Podcast is my episodic anthology of short stories, novellas and poems, including fantasy, science fiction, suspense, thrillers and the macabre. My podcast is available on most major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Radio Republic, Pocket Casts and Breaker.

- Ray J. Lonsdale

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